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Bottomless Brunch

2 x sets of 3 tacos


Margarita // Mimosas // Sols

Every Saturday & Sunday // 90 Mins // From 12pm - 4pm


Ha Ha Halloumi + £1.50

Grilled halloumi w/ lime aioli,

lettuce & melon & pineapple salsa


High Steaks + £2

Rump w/ shoestring fries, chipotle

mayo & mixed peppers


Oinky Porky Carnitas 

Pork Carnitas w/ slaw, pico & capo



Badboy Beef Chilli

w/ chlli, sour cream, guacamole &

nacho crunch


Prawn Stars + £1.50

grilled prawns w/ mixed lettuce,

capo pickle, salsa verde &

pineapple & melon salsa


Cali Cauli

Roasted cauliflower w/ spiced

chickpea & chipotle mayo


Cheeky Chicken 

Cajun chicken w/ avocado salsa,

pomegranate pico & sour cream

Please let us know if you

have any allergies

All our food is

great for sharing

V - Vegetarian Ve - Vegan



Its Fishy + £1.50

Corona battered white fish W/

pickle, lettuce, pomegranate pico

& lime aoli


Classic Margarita

Spicy Margarita

Frozen Classic Margarita

Frozen Strawberry Margarita



Standard T&Cs when booking still apply.
Your 90 minutes start 
from the time you booked, not your arrival time.
You are only allowed one drink each at a time.
Tacos come as a set of 3.
You get 2 flavours of your choice.